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Why We Decided to Offer Services for a Flat Fee

June 9th, 2016 by John Anderson – Be the first to comment
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Why We Decided to Offer Services for a Flat Fee

At Cypress Wealth Management, nothing inspires us more than helping clients turn their dreams into reality.  In order to accomplish our mission, we need to understand our client’s values and ideal vision.  It’s only then that we dig into the numbers and help them allocate their resources in a way that improves their overall sense of fulfillment and quality of life.

Letting an outsider in on your most personal financial secrets is nerve racking, so hiring an advisor is a major decision.  There must be an enormous level of comfort and trust between you.  After all, you’re entrusting them to help you successfully navigate your financial future!

That’s why hiring an advisor who is required to work in your best interest is critical.  An elite advisor will go out of his way to remove conflicts of interest and operate in a fashion that puts your needs first.  How you pay that advisor is just as important. read more »