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2017 Q4 Insights

January 23rd, 2018 by John Anderson – Be the first to comment
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In short, 2017 was a fantastic year for the equity portion of our portfolios.  It seems like we were continually met with heartwarming headlines such as “Relentless Rally”, “The Dow Races Through 23,000”, only to be followed by “The Dow Hurdles Past 25,000 to Record” and let’s not forget “S&P 500 Powers to New Heights”.  In fact, 2017 was so good, that it was the first time ever that the S&P 500 had a positive return for every single month.

Asset Class Representative Index Q4 2017 YTD
Global Equities MSCI All Country World Index 5.7% 24.0%
    U.S. Equities S&P 500 Total Return 6.6% 21.8%
    International Equities MSCI All Country Ex US 5.0% 27.2%
    Emerging Markets MSCI Emerging Markets 74% 37.3%
Real Assets Alerian MLP Total Return -1.0% -6.5%
    U.S. Real Estate Dow Jones US REIT 2.0% 3.8%
U.S. Bonds Barclays Aggregate Bond 0.4% 3.5%

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