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Why We Are a Fee-Only Firm

Traditional financial advice focuses on product sales and is designed to generate revenue for the the investment firm, bank or insurance company. The more they convince you to trade or to purchase add-on services, the more money they make through commissions. Whether these transactions are in your best interest or appropriate for you is often a secondary concern.

At Cypress Wealth Management, we choose to operate under the higher fiduciary standard. That means we work very hard to ensure that the solutions we recommend are what is best for you. We never sell any product. The only fee we charge is based on the services we provide or the assets we manage for you. That fee brings you our personalized advice and attention, as well as access to the best solutions that the financial world has to offer.

Why We Are an Independent Firm

Our choice to be independent is about loyalty. As an independent firm, our only loyalty is to you, our client. We have no obligations to a home office, a family of financial products, or marketing organizations that may lead to conflicts of interest. We have the freedom to tailor our advice to your personal situation and to select from the best investments and financial solutions available.